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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research

Please do your own thorough investigation

You deserve the truth, please don’t simply accept what the your politicians, celebrities, or the main stream media (MSM) outlets are telling you. As a responsible adult you must conduct your own investigation to vet what is being promoted. You have nothing to lose by studying the matter from multiple sources and angles but potentially everything to lose if you remain ignorant of the agenda and machinations of deep-state politicians and the so-called “elites”.

After getting the facts then PLEASE share with anyone who might listen, it is your reasonable duty.

Coronavirus Facts vs. Fear

The following resources are shared based on their "net value" after considering any "bathwater"; It shouldn't need to be said but inclusion does not necessarily imply full endorsement. Use your best judgement.
PLANdemic - Illusion of Money Foundation Agenda
The Truth About Vaccines Docu seriesAgenda
The Real Pandemic Is Insulin ResistancePrevention
Virus ManiaAgenda
A Critical Look At CoronavirusAnalysis
The COVID 19 PlannedemicAgenda
The Creation of a False Epidemic Part 1Analysis
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